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Karen called me last week with a familiar refrain: “Glen, we’re sinking…our marriage is falling apart.  BUT, my husband doesn’t want to come in for counseling.  Can you help us?”

Absolutely!  We often get calls from the “hopeful spouse.” Sometimes it’s the husband, other times it’s the wife.  They are committed to doing whatever it takes to help save their marriage even if their partner is reluctant or unwilling to join in the therapy component.

The hopeful news is that often when one partner starts making changes and really puts a lot of focused effort into helping the marriage, the other spouse becomes motivated to join in the process.  It doesn’t always work that way, but regardless, getting the help you need, even if it’s by yourself, can really help improve the quality of your life and potentially the quality of your marriage.

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Welcome Dr. Steve Brown

marriage counselor leesburg va

Once again we feel incredibly grateful to the Northern Virginia/DC community for your response to our marriage counseling/coaching approach and specialization.  There is good work to be done on behalf of couples in the community who are seeking to strengthen and deepen their marriage or committed relationship bond.  We want to be the place that good and noble work happens!

The process of inviting a counselor to join our staff often takes months.  We’re a highly specialized and niche counseling center.  But this patience pays off again and again…as it did this time.  Well Marriage Center is excited to welcome marriage counselor Dr. Steve Brown, LMFT to our Leesburg office.

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Dr. Brown has specialized in couples counseling for 25+ years.  In fact, he was one of the first Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the state of Virginia (way back in the 90’s :)).  He is BOTH a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  He’s funny, down-to-earth, smart, and has learned how to gently be firm and straight with couples over his many years of experience.  His couples rave about him!

We’re also excited about the Emotionally Focused Therapy experience Dr. Brown brings to Well Marriage Center.  EFT is highly respected and widely recognized as a strong marriage counseling approach because it focuses on healing and strengthening “attachment.”  It’s an approach that helps couples heal old attachment wounds and then work towards deep bonding strategies.  EFT is especially helpful for affairs, lots of arguing, feeling more and more distance from each other, and especially for lack of intimacy/romance/connection feelings.  Dr. Brown gets in there with you…a compassionate and experience coach for your relationship.

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Good Marriage Counselor

6 months ago Roger and Dianne called me to discuss some difficulties they’ve been experiencing during their 12 year marriage.  At the end of our conversation Roger told me, “Glen, we’ve already been to 2 marriage counselors.  This whole process has been more frustrating than it should be.  I like your experience and I like what I read about Well Marriage Center, so we’re inclined to give this one more chance, but we’re pretty vulnerable here.  Why is a good marriage counselor so hard to find?”

“Why is a good marriage counselor so hard to find?”

I told Roger I appreciated his candor and I could understand his frustration.  And I could.  I’m always disappointed to hear when couples can’t find the help they need when they’re open and ready for it.  Unfortunately, Roger and Dianne aren’t alone.  We often get calls from couples who have been to one or two counselors before at some point during their relationship.  Their frustration is palpable.  So why is a good marriage counselor so hard to find and what can you look for when searching out the good ones?

I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell – brilliant thinker, researcher, and writer.  In his best-selling book Outliers, Gladwell makes the convincing case that to truly become an expert in your field requires a devotion to your craft of at least 10,000 hours.  I love this premise…I think those of us working towards and achieving that “expert” label understand at a deep level how much we’ve learned and how much we still have to learn.  And it’s not just experience…it’s how often are you practicing this craft and how quickly are you building towards those 10,000 hours.

One of my biggest excitements about starting Well Marriage Center was that we could focus 100% on relationships.  We could devote 100% of our energy, effort, research, and training to couples.  Imagine how you can help couples with that kind of attention!  While most therapists offer marriage counseling on the side, we could offer marriage counseling as what we do exclusively…100% of the time!  I think this is something to pay attention to when looking for the best marriage counselors.  How do they spend their “hours” each week and are they building to those 10,000?

The happy ending for Roger and Dianne is that we were able to give them the help they needed.  Their marriage is doing remarkably well and we’re celebrating their success with them!

Marriage counseling is an art form in which the counselor helps guide the couple through (often) sticky, messy, and intense emotions and dynamics…all while holding the hope for their relationship.  It’s an intricate dance and I hope you trust only the best to help you navigate your most primary and intimate relationship.  The good news at Well Marriage Center – we’re all either above that 10,000 hour mark or building quickly and exclusively towards it!  We’re all specialist here…

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Marriage Counseling in Northern VA

Welcome to Well Marriage Center!  We understand it can be intimidating to consider couples counseling when your relationship runs into difficulty.  Plenty of questions run through people’s minds: “Will this help?” “How long does it last?” “How much money will this cost us?” “What if the counselor doesn’t think we can be helped?”

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It takes a lot of courage to ask for help.  Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, “marriage-friendly” approach that supports the probability that you can save and improve your relationship.  We want that for you and we believe you can make it happen!  For over 25 years we’ve sat with couples just like you, couples who have run into minor bumps or significant potholes, couples who wondered if their relationship could even be saved.  The great news is this: countless couples have echoed almost the identical statement, “several months ago I never would have imagined our relationship could be this good again.”

Well Marriage Center specializes in couples and marriage counseling in Northern VA. We utilize a combination of therapeutic and wellness (strengths-based) models, we study the latest research, we engage with the leaders in our field, and we work exclusively with relationships or relationship dynamics.  Trust your relationship to a couple’s specialist!

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