Marriage Had To Change

Several of our couples have sent us the link to “The Third Metric,” a feature story from the The Huffington Post about 4 couples who are prioritizing well-being and fun ahead of wealth, status, and being constantly “on.”

Welcome Dr. Shani Glaudè

Once again we’re excited to announce that an outstanding couple’s counselor is joining Well Marriage Center to help provide the highest quality of marriage counseling in Northern Virginia.  What’s fun for us as a Center is inviting people to join us who bring a distinct uniqueness in the skillset they have for helping couples.  What’s […]

Men’s Support Group

As a staff we’re always paying attention to the greatest needs of our couples.  We’re constantly evaluating what is working and what isn’t.  Are there other supports that are needed?  Lately one particular need continues to present itself…and our men are asking for it: A men’s emotional intelligence support group Men, especially husbands and fathers, […]

Hopeful Spouse Counseling

Karen called me last week with a familiar refrain: “Glen, we’re sinking…our marriage is falling apart.  BUT, my husband doesn’t want to come in for counseling.  Can you help us?” Absolutely!  We often get calls from the “hopeful spouse.” Sometimes it’s the husband, other times it’s the wife.  They are committed to doing whatever it […]

Communication 101 Coaching!

Well Marriage Center is launching a new marital wellness program! Our Communication 101 Coaching program actually emerged from a powerful statement and moment during one of our Communication 101 Classes.  A husband looked at his wife, and simply said, “I understand what you’re feeling.  I just wasn’t able to hear you…I couldn’t understand what you […]

Good Marriage Counselor

6 months ago Roger and Dianne called me to discuss some difficulties they’ve been experiencing during their 12 year marriage.  At the end of our conversation Roger told me, “Glen, we’ve already been to 2 marriage counselors.  This whole process has been more frustrating than it should be.  I like your experience and I like […]

Happy New Year (Hope)

Just twelve days ago we posted about the end of the world…and the apocalypse indicators of our marriages.  It was a longer posting than we normally write (just in case the world did end).  We’ll keep it shorter this time.  We know the Holidays can be rough when your marriage or relationship is in distress.  […]

Predicting Divorce

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (Predicting Divorce) With the end of the world upon us tomorrow, I thought it would be a fitting time to address the difficult reality of divorce – particularly what indicators in a relationship are most likely to lead to its end. Are there warning signs you can pay attention […]

Longest Married Couple

“Honey, I still love you” The honoring of one’s life is a sacred ritual, a celebration of legacy and achievement and a life well lived.  We at Well Marriage Center tip our hats and acknowledge/celebrate the life of Theresa Faiss, who passed away this week at the age of 97.  Theresa, along with her husband […]

Communication 101

Yes, it might be a bit cliche to emphasize healthy communication for a healthy marriage, but that doesn’t make it wrong.  It just means you aren’t alone if you’re struggling with it.  Every marriage struggles with communication at times, and EVERY marriage could benefit from a communication program/workshop that helped them deepen their connection with […]