April Thompson, LCSW

Not Accepting New Couples

**NOT ACCEPTING NEW COUPLES** April Thompson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has over 20 years of experience providing couples counseling and advocating for marital wellness. April is a military spouse and specializes in working with military couples, couples working to blend families, as well as couples experiencing parenting challenges or communication blockages. She also has extensive training and experience treating infidelity.

Meet April Thompson, LCSW:
“Couples come to counseling for many different reasons. Whether your relationship faces a major crisis or a recurring impasse, my specialty is helping couples find a treatment and connection plan that matches your unique needs. My hope for every marriage is that it becomes a deep, personal, intimate relationship that brings out the best in both partners. My therapy style is strength focused: I get in there with you and help explore each of the unique strengths you possess. We then use those discoveries to address the challenges in your relationship. I’m an active couples counselor and I work for the good of your relationship.  I have worked for over 20 years with couples in many different settings all over the world. I have a wide range of experiences working with clients from many different cultures and backgrounds. Also, as a military spouse, I have lived in many different states as well as overseas for four years. Wherever you are when you come to therapy, I’ll work to find ways to connect with you and your relationship. My goal is that at the end of our process your marriage is stronger, healthier and more secure.”