Dr. Marianne Niles, Ph.D.

Phone: (703) 462-2333

Locations: Alexandria, VA

Dr. Marianne Niles is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in couples counseling and parenting issues.  She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Temple University and has 20+ years of helping couples and families achieve success.  Her specialties include helping relationships that have experienced an affair, lack of communication, couples who are constantly fighting, and relationships where one partner doesn’t feel “in love” anymore.

I believe over our lifetime we become truly bonded with only a few people.  We share our time, intimacy, struggles, children, and hopes and dreams.  These relationships are precious and fragile.  Time and circumstance and life’s little distractions can wear on the fabric of these special unions.  We ignore our marriage, we wound our marriage, or we simply wake up and realize we’re strangers instead of lovers.  The good news is that within each relationship struggle are endless possibilities for success.  I believe the love connection couples made with each other in the beginning can be reinvigorated, renewed, and strengthened through this counseling process.   Couples counseling invites both individuals to make themselves vulnerable, to imagine the possibility that they may play a role in difficulties, and to agree to venture into the uncharted territory of a new relationship design or agreement together.  You’ll find me to be a warm, open-minded, and optimistic guide.   I believe that both old and new wounds can be healed, that there can be renewed support and comfort, differences can be understood and negotiated, and that hope and joy can flourish.  Even though couples counseling is difficult, the rewards couldn’t be greater, both in the short run and over a lifetime.