Dr. Shani Glaudé, PsyD


Dr. Shani Glaudé specializes in couples counseling and marital wellness. Dr. Glaudé holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology along with over 10 years of experience helping couples heal their relationship and find long term success.

I often tell couples, “pay attention to your strengths in order to improve your relationship.” Positive Clinical Psychology allows us to solve problems and strengthen your relationship by focusing more on what you do well rather than emphasizing weakness. Couples who work with me know me as an active counselor and cheerleader for your relationship. While working with a couple I tend to highlight interactions, teach communication skills, and practice with the couple in identifying how they are succeeding in the midst of struggle. Couples appreciate my sense of humor, respect for each person’s experience, honesty during the process, and deep concern for the well-being of the couple. It has been a great joy to watch couple after couple reclaim the hope for their relationship!