Evangelin Browne, LMFT

Phone: (910) 778-7253

Locations: Fairfax, VA | Reston, VA

Evangelin Browne is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 15 years of experience serving couples and families. Evangelin is a clinical fellow with the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (indicating advanced training) and has spent the past 6 years mostly serving active duty military couples at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. She is also a certified Kripalu Professional Level Yoga Instructor. She works with all couples and relationships including couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time,” and couples who have lost that “spark” for each other.

Meet Evangelin Browne:
“Every relationship face moments of reckoning, where the unacceptable becomes real and our emotions feel overwhelming and unfixable. Yet my experience has shown me the power of recognizing and acknowledging that the present ugliness is only a moment over time and does not define the whole relationship. There is always hope! As a couples specialist I’m an advocate for your relationship, for who the two of you are individually and together. Mistakes, hurt, and disconnect are all aspects which can aid in our own maturation and our own evolution in how we grow, relate, and respect each other. My style is direct and respectful. I’m looking for the goodness. YOU are important. I’m asking the question “What would it look like and feel like when you are receiving what you want?” because I’m constantly exploring with you, looking for that new awareness unfolding and helping you recognize patterns which were not seen before. I am deeply grateful to be invited into this most intimate work and believe you can rediscover each other in new and unexpected ways.”