Jennifer Parrella, LPC, NCC

Phone: (910) 210-6153

Locations: Wilmington, NC

Jennifer Parrella is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor who has made helping couples her specialty for 20+ years. She has served as Clinical Director of Cape Fear Case Management & Counseling Services, LLC, a center she co-founded.  She specializes in helping couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time,” communication blockages, and couples where one spouse doesn’t feel “in love” anymore. Jennifer also offers family counseling including teens and children.

Years and years of marriage leave every couple with scars…and stories of storms they have weathered together. I’m constantly telling couples, “it’s your willingness to adapt and fight for one another, despite all the twists and turns life has thrown at you, that holds the hope for your future together.” Marriage counseling is simply extra support when the storms get too heavy or too rough. I’m a friendly, upbeat, and warm person. My style offers positive direction and guidance throughout the therapeutic experience. I’m a collaborator with you. I’m active with you. I’m constantly working to point out, interrupt, and change recurring feedback loops within your relational interactions. We start by searching for the strengths (perhaps lost or hidden) in your relationship. As we work to solve problems I’m quick to celebrate successes. Gradually the successes outnumber the problems as couples find each other again and rekindle their connection and intimacy. I consider it a privilege to help support you with the inner workings of your deepest relationship.