Maria Bates, LCSW

Locations: Alexandria, VA

Available SATURDAYS only

Maria Bates is a Licensed Clinical Social Workers with 20+ years of experience serving couples and families. Maria has completed a 2 year Family Fellowship at Walter Reed Medical Center that informs her specialization in couples counseling.  She works with all couples and relationships including couples who have experienced an affair or couples where one member is deployed.

Meet Maria Bates:
“Marriage in many ways means growth. Love requires us to grow as we experience the letdown of unmet expectations or the challenges that life brings our way. What I’m constantly reminding couples of is that you control your narrative and you possess the ability to improve skills, express forgiveness, let go of hurt/loss, regroup and make your relationship stronger. I don’t have a “cookie cutter” approach. I’m an encourager who works to find the positive traits within your marriage and build upon them no matter how insignificant. Marriage counseling is a time of transition to something better so we learn through this process because marriage is an ongoing process with many twists and turns and how we adapt to these transitions will define your relationship. I try to incorporate humor into the process because learning to not take ourselves so seriously is often a key skill for marriage. It’s an honor to help people change and see the joy and happiness they exhibit when they can rekindle their intimacy and love.”