Melinda Timmons, LMFT

Phone: Not Accepting New Couples

Locations:  McLean, VA | Alexandria, VA

Melinda Timmons is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) who has helped couples and families for 15 years. She has a unique understanding of diverse family systems and multicultural counseling and religions. Specific experience includes working with couples who are Muslim/Christian, Muslim/Buddhist, Taoist, Atheist, and animistic (Native American and Native Hawaiian), as well as LGBT. Melinda also specializes in helping couples who have experienced an affair heal and recover. 

Meet Melinda Timmons, LMFT:
“Many people are surprised to learn that great couples counseling is as much about exploring and discovering your strengths as it is about focusing on your problems. The emotional hurts and attachment injuries you bring to therapy are often healed
within the relationship as we uncover both the challenging and broken parts as well as the positive and encouraging pieces of your story. As a therapist I have a dynamic, energetic style. Couples will often comment that they like it that I ‘talk.’ I am couple-centered: what do you, as a couple, want from your relationship and this therapy? I work hard to help partners understand one another’s perceptions – and that is vital to tease out what is ‘feeling’ and what is more factually or logically based. It is my belief that marriage or intentional, monogamous coupling is worth nurturing, celebrating, and preserving. This bond provides a strong foundation for families and for the couple alone!”