Shaye Watson, LCPC

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Shaye Watson is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 15+ years of experience serving couples and families. Shaye has studied various clinical approaches in marriage counseling and has trained under several well-respected psychiatrists at one the top hospitals in the nation. She works with all couples and relationships including couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time”, and couples who have lost that “spark” for each other.

Meet Shaye Watson:
Most couples enter my office rather surprised to be here. “How did we get to this point?” and “How do we get back on track?” are the very questions we will seek to discover together. I believe each couple brings with them a unique set of strengths and needs. My style is one of encouragement that draws upon your strengths. I support my clients while gently and firmly challenging them in self-discovery and healing. My empathy and sense of humor has allowed me to motivate clients to walk down some difficult but healing paths. In the end, your goals are my goals. I want to help your marriage be the healthiest expression of both of you. My hope for our work is that your relationship again becomes a safe-haven where you can feel known, loved, and together.