Sonya Thompsen Halsey, LMFT

Sonya is transitioning out-of-state and is no longer accepting new clients

Sonya Thompsen Halsey is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has made helping couples a specialty for over 15 years.  She served as the Director of our Los Angeles, CA center before relocating to the Northern Virginia area.  She specializes in helping couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time,” communication blockages, and couples where one spouse doesn’t feel “in love” anymore.

As a couples specialist, my role is to help you understand the problem, help you understand where you’re stuck, help you understand that “thing” you do that sends you off the rails.  Great marriage counseling is an art form.  The way I work is to step into the dance with you and help you explore what is happening between each step, how you can learn new steps, and how you can find each other again in new and more intimate ways.  In its most basic form, this process is a commitment to be curious and open to learning about yourself and your partner.  Sometimes it’s just helping you out of a rut…where has that spark gone and how do we get it back?  Other times our work involves deep healing of hurts and the patience to regrow broken trust.  It is possible.  To be there, to see it, to witness the amazing, deep experience of love and attachment is profound and spiritual, and life-affirming.  I believe we can fall in love with the same person all over again, and like a bone that has been broken and healed, the new relationship is oftentimes even stronger than we possibly could have imagined.