Stacey Nicholson, LMFT

Stacey is transitioning out-of-state and is no longer accepting new clients

**NOT ACCEPTING NEW COUPLES** Stacey Nicholson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has made couples her specialty over her almost 10 year career. She is a military spouse who has her foundation in Emotionally Focused Therapy which helps couples heal and strengthen their attachment with each other. Stacey specializes in helping couples who have experienced an affair, couples who have communication difficulties or are “fighting all the time”, couples facing a partner’s deployment, and couples who have “lost the love” for each other.

Dance is a beautiful analogy for our relationships. In the best of times we’re safely held in the arms of our partner while our feet and bodies move in sync together. But life has a way of interrupting and changing our dance. We step on each other’s toes, we cause harm, we lose our rhythm altogether. Marriage counseling is simply some extra support to help the two of you stop the destructive dance, recognize what happened, and find new and healing ways to reach out and connect with each other again. I’m a friendly, empathetic, and warm person. I’m engaged with you in this process. I work from a strengths-based perspective, encouraging and empowering you to find ways of healing that are most natural for where you are. I believe in the potential of our relationships. I’ve seen countless couples find their way back to each other with a deeper, more secure, and more intimate bond then they ever thought possible. I want that for you.