Thomas Overton, LPC

Phone: (571) 262-0803

Locations: Not Accepting New Clients

Thomas Overton is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 30 years of experience.  He and his wife have specialized in couples counseling since 1992, one of the first in this community to specialize, prioritize, and create a private practice specifically for marriage counseling.  Thomas has also cultivated a specialty in recovery issues.  He also works with men dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, grief, and fear.

Relationships can present us with very complicated life situations.  Some of these circumstances are to be expected, yet some you would never dream of.  For 30 years I’ve been helping couples face their challenges and come through them stronger and more intimately connected.  My approach is strengths-based, positive, and more than anything…practical.  In many ways I’m a coach: encouraging you and empowering you to try new things, risk new vulnerability, and find deeper avenues to accept and embrace your partner.  The beauty of this process is each couple gets to work out their own version of what a “well-marriage” is for them.  It’s difficult but rewarding work.  The good news is as you improve your relationship, you feel great about being yourself and a strong sense of accomplishment for the connection you have forged.  That’s what I want for you: to feel confident in yourself as partners, to feel at peace with the past, and to feel hopeful for your future…together.