Nearly 49% of married couples report attending counseling together at some point in their relationship.

While the old myths, such as “you’re getting divorced after therapy,” or “the therapist always blames one partner,” still linger, modern statistics prove there is hope for couples who choose therapy. Here is a list of quick facts about our services for tentative couples:

What you get in therapy:

  • An Unbiased Third Party– A trained therapist will listen to all sides of a discussion and objectively tell each party what they are hearing and observing. This professional, outsider perspective will help you peel back the layers of what your partner is thinking and feeling in new ways you may not have considered before. Stepping outside of your own thoughts and emotions to put yourself in your partner’s shoes is a relationship roadblock for many couples.
  • Accountability– Using a marriage counselor will help keep you and your partner accountable to working toward a healthier, happier marriage through regular sessions and follow-ups. There never seems to be a “right” time to talk about relationship problems—the combination of honesty and vulnerability makes many of us shy away from these difficult discussions.
  • Expert Relationship Insight– A counselor is a licensed and trained professional to help in a variety of individual situations. Well Marriage Center therapists, for example, have taken many extra steps to specialize in couples therapy and relationship science. When you choose to work with a licensed Well Marriage Center specialist, you get access to a vast wealth of knowledge and expertise specially tailored for relationships.
  • A Safe Place–A non-judgmental haven to work on issues like emotional development, childhood traumas, attachment issues, communication styles, and perspective shifts with a highly trained and compassionate guide that wants your relationship to succeed.

Quick Statistics

The 49% of couples who attend therapy report overwhelmingly positive results! These statistics go even higher when they work with a skilled relationship therapist specifically:

  • According to the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, the success rate of marriage counseling is around 70%.
  • Another statistic from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists states 90% of couples who complete therapy with a highly trained couples therapist report an increase in their emotional well-being and more comfort in their relationship.
  • Generally the results vary depending on the therapist, but between 70-90% of couples find couples therapy beneficial.
  • Beyond that, approximately two-thirds report an improvement in their general physical well-being as well.

It’s important to note that more sessions equals more success. While most counselors offer an average of 12 sessions as a standard therapeutic plan,  65.6% of the cases are completed within 20 sessions, and an additional 22.3% within 50 sessions.

What this high marriage counseling success rate tells us is that, while marriage counseling takes work and dedication, it is highly effective for most couples.

What’s also important to note is that not only are couples finding success with counseling, but 98% of partners find therapy a good to excellent experience. The value of counseling statistics might provide a strong driving factor for couples struggling with their relationship to contact a professional.

If one or both partners are willing, reach out today and contact our professionals.

Please feel free to read more on our blog or contact us with any questions or to get started.