We believe that relationships are the driving force behind how our world operates, and to that end, we’re here to help heal and improve how any two individuals relate to each other.

Couples therapy and relationship science have evolved way beyond only servicing romantic bonds—at the heart of what we do is how we understand, communicate, resolve and manage conflict, grow emotionally, and show up—together, even in difficult times.

Who Uses Relational Wellness Counseling?

We understand it’s hard to be a person, and often harder still for any two unique individuals to be on the same page. We will work with anyone willing to do the work of improving their relationship.

As we carry our pasts with us into present interactions, we often build walls to protect ourselves. Or, perhaps, the person on the other end isn’t invested anymore but there needs to be some level of civility. Relational wellness counseling can be between any two people; it can help get to the root of issues between quarrelling siblings, estranged parents, adopted children and parents, upset coworkers, in-laws and extended family units, failing friendships, or any number of tough relationship patterns you’re experiencing.

Sometimes your relationship with another is healthy and solid, but you’re about to undertake a huge project, life change, or financial decision together and you want to make sure you’re on the same page and share the same expectations.

Sometimes both people in the relationship need to mature emotionally to connect in a healthier way.

Another common scenario is that perhaps a level of forgiveness and understanding is required to move forward and blossom your friendship into a new, and ultimately more honest relationship.

There are as many unique situations as there are connections between people, and we want you to know that whatever you’re facing, you’re not alone.

Let’s Build Bridges

Ultimately, Well Marriage improves your relationships. We can help you close gaps, improve communication, move into forgiveness and understanding, and build more trust, among other things.

Our therapists have spent their careers specializing in relationship science and use proven methods to understand trauma, attachment styles, development, emotional regulation, reactivity, and all the background driving forces that pop up between people as individuals, and how those issues affect the relationship as a whole.

They will assess your relationship and it’s strengths as well as your core concerns. From there, your therapist will create a unique approach pulling from their vast experience that will be tailor-made to your needs. You will have a compassionate ear and a safe place to discuss anything–and you can trust that our therapists want your relationship to succeed. Our approach is, after all, pro-relationship.

Reach out to our intake coordinator, Melinda, and we’ll get you matched with a therapist that meets your situation’s unique needs. You can also read our FAQs, search for specific topics on our blog, or find a therapist near you.