We understand the uncertainty that surrounds marriage counseling. That certainly can make people feel a bit anxious or apprehensive about starting a process that can be very helpful. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our process, our experience, how we would work with you, how we work with different situations, etc. Below are a few common questions we often receive. But please don’t hesitate to give us a call or submit a “Get Help” form with a more specific question.

Yes! Absolutely. Well Marriage Center welcomes ALL relationships and all couples.

All of our therapists are highly trained and experienced counselors. Each of them specializes in relationship dynamics and all of them have worked with communication problems, affairs, trauma, addiction, etc. We recommend prioritizing who can see you most quickly on your preferred day(s) and time(s) rather than trying to wait for a specific counselor to have an opening (which could be weeks). However, we also recognize that “fit” is important. Having preferences about gender or experience is very normal and we encourage you to find someone you’ll be comfortable sitting and sharing with.

This is a complicated question to answer. HIPPA privacy is very important and something we take very seriously therefore it limits what we are able to share or point people towards. We feel very grateful that currently our online reviews are excellent. People tell us they read great things on blogs or mom’s groups or yahoo groups. Another is YELP, which for instance (at the time of this writing) gives us 4.5 out of 5 stars. However, in all honestly, even on YELP there are only 7 reviews out of the over 10,000 couples that have worked with us. So we’re being reviewed by statistically 0% of our clients. That’s not very accurate.

We recommend calling our counselors and talking with them about any concerns you might have or asking them how they work with couples. Get a feel for who they are and how they might work with you. We are confident in all of our therapists and will do whatever we can do to help you feel that same confidence. The reality is we often do have a waiting list here at Well Marriage Center and that’s because most of the couples we see stay with their therapist. We hope that gives you confidence in our team.

Our fees range depending on location as well as the education/experience level of the therapist. We recommend contacting a therapist directly either through our “Get Started” link or by calling them directly to find out more specific ranges for different locations or therapists.

Each couple is different. Each situation is different. When we look at our numbers we would estimate that most couples do somewhere between 12-25 sessions. Some couples do a lot more and some couples do less but that seems to be a range that sticks out to us.

We start with weekly sessions. The assessment happens together and then typically the 2nd and 3rd session are with each of you individually. We bring you back together for the 4th session and typically you’ll be together the rest of the way through. We’re faster then others to start spreading the sessions out to every other week and then ultimately to once a month. This helps ease the financial burden and it helps us stay with you longer. We trust change that happens over 10 months a lot more then change that happens over 3 months.

We’ve found that it works faster if you fill out a submission form starting on our Get Started page. That form request is routed immediately to your selected counselor or the first available counselor at your desired location. Often, if they’re not in session, they’re able to give you a call right away! However, some people prefer to call and leave a message and we certainly welcome that. We’ve made it easy for you to call each clinician by including their direct number on their profile page. We try to return calls as quickly as we are able.

When you reach out to us our goal is simple: We want to get you talking with a counselor as quickly as possible!

Yes! All of our therapists offer telehealth sessions (online video) that sometimes help the couple feel more comfortable and safe in their own home. **During this coronavirus outbreak we have moved our therapy online.** Please see our Telehealth page for more information.