The TOP 11 most frequently asked questions we’ve received over the past eleven years

Yes and Yes! We have over 20 office locations in major cities along the east and west coast and are happy to offer in-person couples therapy for you. We’ve also learned through the pandemic that virtual couples counseling is just as effective and so if that’s easier we provide virtual couples counseling too. Some couples even mix & match! See our Office Locations or the states in which we offer Virtual Couples Counseling.

Yes! Absolutely! ALL relationships and couples are welcome at Well Marriage Center.

Yes! All our specialists are licensed clinicians with advanced training and experience in relationship science. We WANT to help any and all who seek support for their relationship, however they define it.

Yes! Any time is a good time to process how your prior attachments have shaped you and what you’re looking for in a relationship in the future…so it can be your best one!

Yes, you can do marriage counseling by yourself! While it’s better to have both people participating in couples counseling, sometimes you have a reluctant partner who is too anxious or too unwilling to consider marriage counseling. On your own, you can learn ways to make changes that you can control and start to improve your relationship. Often your reluctant partner will start to notice the changes and will want to start making changes of their own (but not always).

Yes! Most therapists at Well Marriage Center will offer some evening hours for couples who can’t make daytimes work. These spots are limited and we ask that if you can make daytime appointments work to please save evenings for those who can’t. Even more limited are our weekend hours. Currently we offer weekend sessions in our Fairfax (VA) and Frederick (MD) offices….and virtual weekend sessions in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Not normally because all of our therapists are highly trained and experienced counselors. Each of them specializes in relationship dynamics and all of them have worked with communication problems, affairs, trauma, addiction/recovery, conflict, loss of love, sex, etc. We recommend prioritizing who can see you most quickly on your preferred day(s) and time(s) rather than trying to wait for a specific counselor to have an opening (which could be weeks). However, we also recognize that “fit” is important. Having preferences about gender or experience is very normal and we encourage you to find someone you’ll be comfortable sitting and sharing with.

There’s really no way of knowing the number of sessions your unique relationship would benefit from until you meet with a therapist. On average, many couples do between 12-25 sessions over the course of 5-12 months. You can read more about this on our Fees & Reimbursement page.

We work hard to make sure our fees are in-step with other licensed specialists in our communities and manageable for most budgets. You can read more specifics about our fees and out-of-network status with health insurance companies on our Fees & Reimbursement page.

Yes, it can make all the difference in the world. We have much better training, more relevant experience, and our success rates are significantly higher.

Yes! The reason we’re able to hold so much hope for couples who come through our doors is because we have seen countless relationships be transformed in our offices. The two major keys for successful marriage counseling are the skill of the therapist and the “want-to” of the individuals. This is why we’ve specialized – so we can hold up our end by offering the very best marriage counseling services in our communities. If the two of you are ready and willing to explore and change, marriage counseling can be the path to a new and vibrant relationship.