It’s Not as Hopeless as it Feels

The aftermath of an affair often leaves a relationship feeling stunned, shattered, and hopeless. In the midst of this deep wound, it’s important for couples to know there is hope. Well Marriage Center has helped over a thousand couples find their path to recovery.

You’re going to have a lot of questions – that’s very natural. Why and how did this happen? Is there hope for us? Where do we go from here? Generally our strengths-based approach takes a back seat while we process what happened and give voice to the many questions you’ll need to ask and talk through together. This early stage of dealing with the emotional pain is often the most difficult part of affair recovery. However, this crucial work paves the way forward and reduces lingering bitterness.

Understanding now becomes so important. Understanding is what allows you to begin stabilizing your emotions. We’ll examine many of the dynamics that led to infidelity, including exploring the dynamics of your relationship prior to the affair. Understanding can reveal tremendous resources you never knew you had. Understanding can also become the impetus toward a higher level of relational health.

Change is now necessary. With patience, honesty, care, and a willingness to move away from the “old” relationship, couples begin to take small steps forward into a new light. This is where our positive, strengths-based approach can be incredibly helpful for your relationship. When the time is right, you’ll begin learning or relearning loving behaviors. With this healing comes the rebuilding of trust, confidence, and even love. Each person can make the relationship new and strong.

One of our clients, Karen, wrote about the Affair Recovery process she and her husband Peter embarked on.  You can read her story here.

One of our therapists wrote an excellent piece entitled, “Surviving an Affair: Stepping off the Roller-coaster.”  (Click on the title to open her blog post)