Modern Relationship Issues and How Couples Therapy Can Help

Our world revolves around the (often tricky!) connections and relationships we have with ourselves and others. The dynamics that build and crumble between people over time, the pasts and trauma we carry into our present interactions, the stresses of our daily lives: it all affects how our relationships play out.

A recent study has shown that “the strongest predictors for people to maintain their happiness and health throughout the course of their lives were people who described their relationships as having satisfying levels of quality and warmth.”

Couples Therapy vs. Marriage Counseling

Our main service is helping couples, married or not. We honor the bonds between people, regardless of how they classify their relationship or its legal status. We tend to use the terms “marriage counseling” and “couples therapy” interchangeably, because we are as flexible as the words people use to describe their own relationships. It’s all about the connections we share.

Whether you are separated, engaged, or dating, dating the same sex, transitioning, or in any type of ‘non-traditional’ couple, we’re here to support your relationship and your emotional growth, both together and as individuals.

Our name may be Well Marriage, but we are 100% here for couples therapy for all.

How Our Experts Support Couples

Sometimes our childhoods affect how secure we feel in our adult, romantic partnerships. It can be hard to communicate with someone from a different background or someone that hasn’t known us for a long time. Sometimes we, or our partners, bring things like depression, physical ailments, past relationships, abandonment and attachment issues, trauma, or just everyday work stresses to the table. Other times, we have disagreements about how to raise the kids, how to split chores, how to communicate on a deeper level, or even on different sexual expectations.

What’s important is that these issues don’t snowball into larger problems. When unaddressed, oversights and small slights can have lasting affects that harm the relationship and the self-worth of the individuals. Past hurts and trauma get carried with us into the future and harm other, future relationships. This is at the core of couples therapy–addressing the problems so the emotional weight can be processed and lifted. We help couples find healthier, more productive, patterns of connection.

Whatever issues you and your partner(s) are facing, our therapists have focused their careers solely on improving relationships.

Why Choose Well Marriage Center

Modern therapy has evolved with changes in neuroscience, approaches to emotional development, and advancements in research – how therapists approach marriage counseling is no exception. For example, in the past, therapists would often ask, “what seems to be the problem?” Instead, our approach first asks, “Why did you fall in love in initially?” This subtle, positive shift reminds couples they are on the same team and helps set them up for longer-term success from the very beginning.

When you work with a specialized therapist, you are partnering with a compassionate guide who has extra training and deeper skills, someone who can help you address and resolve relational issues like trauma, abandonment, insecure attachments, communication in relationships, conflict, separation adjustments, infidelity, and more. You have a greater chance of getting to the root of concerns that spring up between you and your partner.

As experts in our field, we don’t run out of ideas, insight, and tools that you can use to improve your relationship dynamics. 

You can search for a couples therapist near you and see their specializations. We have experts in 6 states and serve 22 cities, with both virtual and in-person therapy options.

Our Specialties

Our therapists are experts in everything about how people relate to and connect with one another.

This, unfortunately, often includes trauma, sexual issues, intimacy concerns, abandonment and attachment issues, communication issues, withdrawal, and high conflict situations. We’re also specialized to assist with other aspects of life, like loss of job, infertility, death in the family, life changes, addiction issues, faith and secular intersections and how these issues all can affect relationships.

Get Started Today!

We’re here to help you in your unique situation. We’ve seen it all and we’re serious about relationships–so you will always find a compassionate and understanding counselor by your side. 

Our affordable fees and insurance policies can be found here. We work hard to keep the cost for couples therapy in line with other local providers, and many couples are able to get reimbursed through their insurance company.

If you have more questions that our website doesn’t answer, just click the Get Started button and schedule a free time with our Intake Coordinator; she’ll answer any lingering questions you have. 

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