Marriage Counseling

“What happened to our marriage?”

Marriages today face more pressure, more distraction, more temptation, and more isolation than ever before. It seems almost normal, especially if we have children, that our marriage experience becomes one of dwindling connection, romance, and intimacy. Is marriage supposed to feel this tense, this frustrating, this lonely, this unsatisfying, this broken? 

Well Marriage Center is the largest relationship specialty center in the United States. Our licensed, professional therapists have devoted their entire careers to helping couples save and heal their marriage relationship. We help couples find their way back to each other again!

What is Marriage Counseling?

Strengths-based marriage counseling

Let’s pull back the curtain a bit and talk through your first marriage counseling session:

Many non-specialized marriage counselors will start marriage counseling fairly abruptly with something similar to, “so what seems to be the problem?” You can imagine that the potential for an ensuing “50 minutes of chaos” can be pretty high. And it’s often damaging to the marriage counseling process and your relationship.

When we meet with a couple, we start with an extended session (90 minutes) and begin our time with a structured relationship strengths and wellness assessment. Some couples don’t feel like their marriage has “many strengths,” but resilience is always worth exploring. We spend careful time learning about what brought you two together, good times that you’ve had in your relationship, admirations that initially drew you together, what your relationship was like at the beginning and up until the present, and then…yes, we structure safe time for each of you to describe the current dynamics in your relationship, what the problem is from your view, and what it feels like to be you in your present marriage.

This discovery phase of your relational and individual strengths is invaluable throughout the marriage counseling process. We help you build on your strengths…and often couples use their strengths throughout to solve problems. It’s part of the reason we don’t use a “one size-fits-all” approach. Every couple has their own, unique resources and we tailor our approach around your goals and your strengths. 

This initial session is highly structured and we guide you every step of the way. You’ll find us to be active therapists who are “in-it” with you. As a professional team, we’ve worked with over 15,000 couples and we bring that experience to each and every new couple we work with. 

Does Marriage Counseling actually work?

Marriage counseling absolutely works! We’ve seen it countless times, even in relationships where the couple thought it might be too late or too broken. With the right marriage counselor (specialist), almost every relationship can be saved if both people want it.

Let’s explore the rest of the marriage counseling “process” and how we offer the highest probability possible for marriage counseling to work for you: 

Successful marriage counseling typically lasts between 10 and 25 sessions, but it’s different for every couple. We typically start with weekly sessions because we want to work quickly to: 

  • interrupt toxic cycles you may be stuck in (arguments, high conflict, blame game, criticisms)
  • generate a little momentum and spark (disconnected, sexless couples, cold relationships)
  • address trauma that your relationship may be experiencing (infidelity, loss, old or new trauma)

Deepening your experience

Once we’ve generated some positive momentum and started to address, explore, and interrupt whatever cycle/dynamic you came in with, we’re going to slowly start deepening our work. This is how we go way past the “general practitioner” in our marriage counseling field and provide the highest quality of service to our couples. 

The marriage counseling field has been gifted with many great researchers, therapists, and trainers who have developed empirically-backed approaches and interventions for relationships. You may have some across some of them if you’ve been learning about marriage counseling:

  • Dr. Ellyn Bader – Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (our personal favorite)
  • Dr. John Gottman – Gottman Institute
  • Dr. Sue Johnson – Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  • Dr. Harville Hendrix – Imago Therapy
  • Dr. Esther Perel – Eroticism and Desire
  • Dr. Terry Real – Relational Life Institute

And many more…

We study ALL of them. We train with ALL of them. We integrate ALL of them. 

Marriage counseling coming to life!

This is what allows our marriage counseling specialty to come to life in the room with our couples. These trainings and experiences we have aren’t just robotic tools in our toolbox that take us from point A to point B to point C…relationships are never like that. Instead, these specialties become part of us and we’re able to trust our experience and our intuition to quickly help tailor an approach for your specific relationship, needs, and goals. 

It’s why one-size-never-fits-all and why we study and incorporate all the research, training, and approaches. 

So yes, with the right trained and specialized marriage counselor, and with two people who are ready and willing to try, marriage counseling doesn’t just work, it literally transforms relationships!

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