“Sexless marriage” is one of the most searched phrases when it comes to marriage counseling. If you and your partner are struggling to make sex a consistent part of your relationship, you’re not alone. There is no “one” definition of what a normal sex life should look like. Every couple’s sexual relationship has its own uniqueness, challenges, and strengths. The real problem is we’re often hesitant to talk about it with each other, and when we do, we only focus on the problems.

So let’s talk about sex. Couples who live with the highest level of marital satisfaction have usually learned to communicate openly and have found ways to appreciate their partner’s strengths and differences. This conversation can also include gender roles and sexual understanding. A coach or counselor can be extremely helpful as couples work through these important dynamics and negotiations. The good news is an understanding of your relationship’s sexuality (both yourself and your partner) can foster a vibrant sex life and a thriving marriage!