Support for Individuals

People often think of couples counseling as two people in a therapist’s office, but that’s not the full range of our services. We also support individuals wanting to grow in any relationship context.

Sometimes this looks like one hopeful spouse beginning therapy to develop their own emotional growth. As they evolve and learn techniques for both managing their feelings and putting things into perspective, sometimes the other spouse catches the enthusiasm and decides to join the journey.

However, there are still other ways that Well Marriage supports individuals therapeutically:

Individual Cases

Relationship science is about communication, understanding, and developing how we work with and grow in relation to others.

Some of our clients begin couples therapy to have a better relationship with themselves, or a family member besides their partner.

Sometimes, it’s a single parent wanting to work on family dynamics with their children and a separated partner.

Still others want to work on their attachment issues and childhood trauma that mainly shows up when they are in a relationship, so their future relationships can thrive.

Anyone wanting to have a better relationship with others can benefit from couples counseling. Getting the help you need, even if it’s by yourself, can really help improve the quality of your life and potentially the quality of your marriage or other relationships.