Hopeful Spouse Counseling

Karen called me last week with a familiar refrain: “Glen, we’re sinking…our marriage is falling apart. BUT, my husband doesn’t want to come in for counseling. Can you help us?”

The Truth Is…

Absolutely! We often get calls from the “hopeful spouse.” Sometimes it’s the husband, other times it’s the wife. They are committed to doing whatever it takes to help save their marriage even if their partner is reluctant or unwilling to join in the therapy component.

The hopeful news is that often when one partner starts making changes and really puts a lot of focused effort into helping the marriage, the other spouse becomes motivated to join in the process. It doesn’t always work that way, but regardless, getting the help you need, even if it’s by yourself, can really help improve the quality of your life and potentially the quality of your marriage.

Feel free to contact us to get started on building a better relationship.