Men’s Support Group

As a staff we’re always paying attention to the greatest needs of our couples. We’re constantly evaluating what is working and what isn’t.  Are there other supports that are needed?  Lately one particular need continues to present itself…and our men are asking for it:

A men’s emotional intelligence support group

Men, especially husbands and fathers, face a lot of pressure around how their role as a man is changing in our progressing society. Marital experts who devote their entire lives to this field believe that the emergence of the emotionally intelligent husband is the next social evolutionary step for our culture. Most homes with the “old-school authoritarian” husband/father simply don’t work well in this day and age and experience the highest level of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

We’re laying the groundwork this summer and plan to begin this men’s emotional intelligence support group sometime in the fall.  Contact us to see if there is a workshop near you!