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A Happy Couples Blog Post

10 Habits for a Better Relationship

We wanted to pass along a popular blog post in case you haven’t read it. Maybe it will get the creative juices flowing in your unique relationship. In 2009 Dr. Mark Goulston authored one of the most-read couples related blog posts on the widely popular “Psychology Today” website. He titled it, “10 Habits of Happy Couples.” It’s gone viral and continues to pop up around the web even 13 years later…

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So many couples hunger for happiness together. We want that for you! While marriage counseling is often thought of as just “fixing a problem,” couples specialists understand that it’s more about helping couples discover strengths and cultivate sustained happiness together. It’s all about building a better relationship.

Some of these “10” may seem cliche while others may seem impractical. That’s ok. Not all of them are going to fit for you. However, we invite you to share them with each other and commit together to cultivating a few of these habits. Or better yet, think up one or two of your own and enjoy the happiness it brings you!