Our Marriage Had To Change

Several of our couples have sent us the link to “The Third Metric,” a feature story from the The Huffington Post about 4 couples who are prioritizing well-being and fun ahead of wealth, status, and being constantly “on.” It’s been a deliberate change in values that have transformed their marriages. These stories have inspired us as counselors, so we wanted to pass them along to you.  In the go-go-go modern world and economy, it’s often the day-to-day stress and busyness that eats away at our marriages.  Hopefully this will inspire conversation between you and your partner about your shared vision for your marriage:

The Moment They Knew Their Marriage Had To Change

If you find yourself wishing for change…

Please remember there are resources out there, like us at Well Marriage Center. We use a strengths-based approach to help you build a better relationship, together. We find stories like the ones in the link inspiring, and it reminds us of the successes we’ve had with our own clients. It can really help to have an expert in relationship science help guide you through the changes you want from your lives and relationships.