Coronavirus Update

Dear current (and future) clients: Well Marriage Center has thoughtfully considered options for how to best serve our clients and communities during the unprecedented events we are witnessing within our country and around the world due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will be transitioning all services to virtual sessions for a temporary period. Going virtual […]

Our Angry Marriage

Carl and Jessica live right here in Wilmington and have been married for 13 years. They came to see me for marriage counseling because of physical intimacy problems and …

Culturally Diverse Marriage

Jorge and Kim* came to see me a short while ago here in our Herndon office for marriage counseling. Jorge was from Colombia and Kim was also from Columbia: the one in South Carolina.

Surviving an Affair

The most common question we get at Well Marriage Center is some form of: “Can my marriage really survive an affair?” The answer is Yes.

Thank You

Time and again we are inspired by the couples we work with. The email Dr. Steve Brown received recently represents the best of what our mission and hope is for our Northern Virginia communities. Good marriage counseling is more than just helping couples deal with an immediate problem.

Coming in Second

One of my recent couples, I will call them Jim and Diana, came to me with a very familiar struggle. Diana had a difficult time accepting that Jim would work late. When he did come home, he quickly turned on the computer or the TV. Even though she would often suggest they have a date night or watch a show together, Jim would find reasons to isolate himself.

Communication Problems

Jeff and Cindy came to their first marriage counseling session anxious to repair their 15 year relationship. The session started like most, me getting to know them and learning a bit more about their story. As we explored their marital strengths it was clear they deeply loved each other, but that love was now being questioned by each of them.

Happy Couples Blog Post

We wanted to pass along a popular blog post in case you haven’t read it. In 2009 Dr. Mark Goulston authored one of the most-read couples related blog posts on the widely popular “Psychology Today” website.

Long Winter of Marriage

The wind is blowing here at the Well Marriage Center office again and Mary Baker tells me the high tomorrow is not expected to even hit 30 degrees. I caught myself referring to this season as “Old Man Winter,” the personification my own father used to use when winter stayed too long. It has been too long. We all feel it.

Marriage Bonding Analogy

I want to pass along a wonderful email from one of our clients after their very first visit with us. He wrote it himself and gave us permission to share it. Marriage analogies are hit and miss but this one seems like a home run.