Communication 101 Coaching!

Well Marriage Center is launching a new marital wellness program!

Our Communication 101 Coaching program actually emerged from a powerful statement and moment during one of our Communication 101 Classes.  A husband looked at his wife, and simply said, “I understand what you’re feeling.  I just wasn’t able to hear you…I couldn’t understand what you were experiencing and how you were feeling about this.”  He then proceed to say back to her, from his perspective, how he understood.  And he nailed it!  Let me tell you, it was a very emotional moment for him and his wife.

Communication is about so much more than simply talking to each other.  It’s about connection, intimacy, a deep understanding and knowing of the other.  This is what can be dimmed through arguments and conflicts…but it’s also the thing that can revive you and your relationship more quickly than you can imagine.

The Well Marriage Center Communication 101 program is designed to be a one time, 2 hour communication coaching consultation with our communication specialist Mary Baker, LPC.  It’s tailored to your specific relationship.  We use your struggles and strengths.  We watch video clips, role-play scenarios (good and bad), learn and practice skills, and become aware of our own communication strengths and growing edges.  It’s you (and your partner) one-on-one with Mary Baker.

This marital wellness program is appropriate for most couples.  Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation!

Communication 101 Coaching logistics: 
$295 per couples
2 hour duration
Fairfax location ONLY
Designed as a one-time consultation…additional consultations at counselor’s discretion
Facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor who works exclusively with couples

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