Marriage Counseling in Cary NC

Would it surprise you to learn that in 2022, over 75,000 marriages took place in North Carolina? That’s a lot of marriages, no two of which are exactly the same. Every relationship—especially one between two married folks—encounters its own speed bumps along the way.

Sometimes, couples can work through anything that life throws at them—and sometimes they think they can, but they really need a little guidance and support to get through the rougher patches.

If you’re in North Carolina searching for “marriage counseling near me,” or “best couples therapists” you’re not alone. The state’s divorce rate ranks 12th in the nation (though the rate itself—3.2 divorces per 1,000 residents—isn’t far off of the national median rate).

If there’s one factor that tends to separate the couples that make it through their roughest patches, it’s a commitment to improving their relationship communication, learning how to address conflict patterns, and committing to growing their trust and intimacy. By addressing their communication styles and these other dynamics, they can increase their levels of understanding and empathy with each other and rediscover the happiness in their marriage. And when we say “marriage counseling,” we also mean “couples therapy,” because we’re here to support all people in their relationships.

Here we answer a few of the most common questions we hear from North Carolinians who seek out marriage counseling in order to rediscover the spark in their relationship.

What Is the Success Rate of Marriage Counseling?

If you’re trying to determine whether marriage counseling is worth it, consider these statistics:

Obviously, there’s no such thing as a sure thing, but these figures should be encouraging. The wide range in estimated success rates underscores the importance of finding the right type of therapist for a couple’s needs.

As the fields of emotional development, trauma healing, brain science, attachment theory, and others continue to grow, so does the science of couples therapy.

What Type of Therapist Is Best for Marriage Counseling?

While no two therapists are identical, the best ones will…

  • Specialize in couples therapy and/or marriage counseling.
  • Apply evidence-based couples therapy models tailored to their clients’ specific needs. 
  • Take a strengths-based approach to counseling.
  • Have additional certifications in areas like infidelity, communication, trauma, sex, etc.

Why are these factors so vital? Let’s briefly explore each.

Specialization | While other types of therapists can certainly help individuals to better navigate issues within the relationship, the best results come from both parties working together. Therapists who specialize in couples therapy and/or marriage counseling will bring a finely-tuned skill set into the equation, increasing the chances of success.

An Evidence-Based Approach | Therapists who apply evidence-based couples therapy models leverage techniques based on scientific evidence and results—rather than, say, making it up as they go.

A Strengths-Based Approach | For a majority of couples, focusing on the positives is much more encouraging and constructive than dwelling on the negatives. By focusing on the positive aspects of the relationship first and working from there, couples can rediscover their spark, improve their communication patterns, and build toward a brighter shared future! The purpose of the strengths-based approach is to get the individuals in a relationship working as a team so the deeper issues can be addressed more efficiently.

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Cost in North Carolina?

While the price of counseling shouldn’t deter you from seeking help, it’s certainly a valid question. So, how much does marriage counseling cost? At Well Marriage CenterCounseling, our general rates for North Carolina residents are around $175-$195 per session. 

All too often, though, the assumed price point of marriage counseling deters couples from taking this important step in their relationship, so let’s consider these costs another way. Our clients often start with weekly one-on-one sessions, and then progress to every-other-week and then monthly sessions together, and spend a total of 5-10 months receiving our services.

That comes out to around $375 to $475 per month. Take the high end of that range and multiply it by 10 months of services, it comes out to less than $5,000. If that sounds like a lot, consider that in North Carolina, the average cost of a divorce is nearly $13,000. Divorce and separation have other costs as well, including emotional, family, and sometimes even work or friends. At Well Marriage, we think it’s worth the effort to improve relationships – we have seen the benefits in thousands of couples!

Additionally, we offer premarital or dating therapies in the hope that couples can build a relationship that is solid, happy, and set for long-term success. Starting your journey on the same page helps couples achieve their life goals together, manage conflict in healthy ways, and deepen intimacy over time.

How Much Is Couples Therapy with Insurance?

While couples therapy or marriage counseling are not typically covered by standard insurance plans, Well Marriage Center is considered to be an “out-of-network” provider. This is an important designation that means half or more of our clients are able to seek out at least partial reimbursement (anywhere from 25% to 95%).

You can learn more about what to expect by reading our Fees and Insurance FAQ or by contacting your insurance provider.

How Much Is Couples Therapy without Insurance?

Without insurance coverage, Well Marriage Center’sCounseling’s base rates—$175 to $195—apply. That being said, if you don’t have standard insurance but do work for an employer who offers an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), then couples therapy or marriage counseling may be covered. Also, if one partner has employer-provided insurance but the other doesn’t, you may be able to work with your therapist to bill the sessions under the covered individual’s benefits.

North Carolinians, There Is Hope!

At Well Marriage Center, our team of licensed professionals is ready to help. Whether you’re looking for standard marriage counseling options, individual therapy, or relationship wellness programs, start with Well Marriage Center. We provide marriage counseling and couples therapy in Cary, NC—as well as Charlotte, Wilmington, and several other states in the region. We also have a team of virtual therapists who are ready to work with you.

Take the first step today by either connecting with us through our Intake Coordinator, who will help you navigate the process of finding a therapist, or by using our online Therapist Calendar Form.