Position: Couples Therapist

Overview: Private Practice Re-imagined

Well Marriage Center is a group of therapists having a great time specializing in one of the most difficult forms of therapy: couples! We have re-imagined private practice and prioritize what our therapists want, need, and may have struggled to achieve in traditional private work. If you love working with couples we want to hear from you! Please read more about us and apply/inquire below!

5 best reasons to join our movement:

  • 6 figure financial packages plus employer 401k contributions, CEU reimbursement, and bonuses!
  • We get all your referrals for you! (In fact, we do all the “heavy” business lifting!)
  • Autonomy that rivals a private practice (schedule, how you provide therapy, and more!)
  • Belonging that opens up so many more perks/connections/growth/support/laughter!
  • Competency that grows and fuels confidence and great outcomes! You can do well here!

Company Overview

Well Marriage Center is committed to bringing the best parts of private practice (autonomy and financial potential) to a specialized team setting for a richer vocational experience. We are founded and guided by a 35+ year career LCSW who has always wanted to disrupt business models that don’t prioritize the therapist. Our potential is unrivaled – both financially and clinically. Our clinical mission is to provide the highest quality couples counseling to our communities by assisting couples in changing/healing longstanding toxic relationship patterns and learning new skills for deep and thriving relationships.

The Position

Well Marriage Center Couples Therapists must be clinically licensed by their state (Marriage & Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist), have a preferred minimum of 10 years of clinical experience post-grad school, and should have an eclectic/diverse “toolbox” of approaches, methods, and interventions for helping couples.

But more than anything, Couples Therapists here at WMC must enjoy working with couples! 😊

We are not an agency! Here are even more advantages we offer:

  • All private-pay clients! No hassling with insurance companies for reimbursement.
  • Higher functioning clients with minimal Axis 2 disorders.
  • Not a position that requires a lot of paperwork. We keep things streamlined.
  • We have a team of 20 outstanding therapists (This team is the best perk!)
  • You can do well here! This will feel like a private practice in many ways.

Full Time or Part Time: we’ll consider either. Our team has built a great reputation in each of the communities we’re a part of and we’re interested in someone who can provide the highest quality therapy. This is an ideal position for someone who loves to be in the room with couples but doesn’t enjoy the business and marketing aspects as much. You get to focus on the clinical care of couples!

*If you wish to inquire or apply, please fill out the following form and you’ll receive an email explaining where to send your cover letter and resume/CV.*

Employment Inquiry