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Communication 101

Yes, it might be a bit cliche to emphasize healthy communication for a healthy marriage, but that doesn’t make it wrong.  It just means you aren’t alone if you’re struggling with it.  Every marriage struggles with communication at times, and EVERY marriage could benefit from a communication program/workshop that helped them deepen their connection with each other and deepen their understanding of themselves individually.

So, introducing…

Communication 101: Connect. Thrive. Together!

This featured Marital Wellness Programs open to ALL couples is an experiential Communication 101 workshop.  Read below about what makes our program different from other communication education seminars and why every marriage should consider investing in these 3 incredible hours…


– It’s more “experiential” than just simply educational
Yes, you’re going to learn about communication and how communication is really all about connection.  But we believe couples learn better when they can actually get into it and make it real for their unique relationship – rather than just listening to someone teach it generically from the front of a classroom or seminar room.  We’ve designed this program to be interactive, to be a lot of fun, to be skills-based, and to give you something concrete for your specific relationship when you walk out the door.

– We limit our workshop to a maximum of 4 couples
This allows us to personalize and tailor our time together.  In addition to being an interactive time of learning and fun – we want you to feel like this was helpful for where you are in your unique relationship.  Our trained facilitator and Licensed Professional Counselor will be able to flex and adapt for the couples who are present.

– Stronger connection with spouse and self
At the heart of communication is connection – and almost every marriage is seeking deeper connection with each other.  We want you to be connected to each other at the deepest level possible.  And it’s not just being connected with each other, but also connected with yourself – identifying where you are and how you grow and improve.

For more information or to RSVP, please call Mary Baker, LPC at (240) 350-8696 or send us a request for more information

Other Details:
$150 per couple
Open and appropriate for all couples
3 hours on a Saturday morning
Facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor who works exclusively with couples
Limited Space – call or send a request today!