Take Back Your Marriage!

We at Well Marriage Center are unabashed fans of Dr. William (Bill) Doherty. His book, Take Back Your Marriage: Sticking Together in a World that Pulls us Apart, is often something we recommend to young couples just starting out on the marriage journey. But over the past several years, we’ve been recommending this book to every couple currently engaged, in marriage, or in a marriage-type relationship.

We all need this book!  Here’s why:

We know the statistics, and yes, they are grim. 1 in 4 currently married couples are likely to divorce. The rate jumps to 40%-50% when projecting the divorce rate for newly married couples – the highest in human history. We clearly have a problem.

But, research and polls indicate an overwhelming majority (most of us) still want and desire a permanent marital commitment someday. Our deepest longing is for stable, intimate bonds.

It’s just that we’re scared… and for good reason. We see the statistics, we see our parents, our friends, our family – and we question whether or not the ideal of marriage is possible in today’s world.

It is possible! But we must wake up to a new marriage reality. Dr. Doherty:

  • Our marriages can’t be the marriages of our parents and grandparents. Too much has changed than ever before in human history – we now aspire to greater equality between men and women and higher levels of emotional intimacy in marriage
  • Modern marriages require more mindfulness than marriages of the past. We expect more from marriage, but we have not yet woken up to that fact.
  • Success in marriage today requires two ingredients that no previous generation has ever had to put together: powerful commitment combined with an intentional focus on maintaining and growing one’s marriage.

Our problem is not a lack of love or noble intentions. It’s that we don’t know what we’re up against in contemporary marriage – we don’t have a strategy to care for and nurture our marriage or take it back when we start to lose it.

Well Marriage Center is here to help you. We’re trained exclusively and work exclusively with and for couples. We understand the dynamics, challenges, and problems your modern marriage faces – and we’re here to help you find and plan a strategy that allows to you Take Back Your Marriage. We believe most every couple can grow and thrive…together!

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