Healthy TEAM Parenting

A couple came to us last week with this challenge:

“We can’t agree on parenting. We were raised very differently. Many of our arguments center around different ways of raising our children, but we both feel very passionate about our reasons for parenting the way we do…”

We hear this all the time from parents with newborns all the way to parents of teenagers. We’re even beginning to see new challenges and tensions in parenting adult children, especially post-Covid.

Healthy TEAM Parenting
Healthy co-parenting is vital for a good marriage and for your child’s well-being. Research shows that one of the main causes of oppositional behavior in children is having two different parenting styles.

Think about it: What if you had to work for two different bosses every day, each of whom gave you very different instructions or requests? How confusing and frustrating that would be! How would you know how to operate? What was expected or allowed? What the (real) consequences or benefits would be?

The good news is there are tools and strategies you can implement so both of you are honored and respected.Parenting as a TEAM promotes healthy family identity, lowers the stress for all of you, and actually prevents bigger problems down the road.

This doesn’t require a 3 or 6 month commitment to therapy. Often in just 4 to 6 meetings we can show you what really works to make a great parenting team and customize tools you can implement immediately for your unique family situation.

Get started with us today to learn how we can help your relationship and your family…

Mary Baker, LPC has trained with renowned Family Therapist Louise Guerney and has developed a four to six week program to help couples form healthy and team-centered parental bonds.