What is the Difference Between Marriage Counseling and Couples Therapy?

The adage that tells everyone, “50% of marriages end in divorce,” does not have to be your reality if you find the right couples specialist. It all depends on what you do when your relationship feels rocky, tense, or stressful. 

The terms “couples therapy” and “marriage counseling” have likely come across your web search if you have done any form of research on the topic of relationship therapy. This prompts many couples to pause and question the terms rather than diving in and finding the best fit for their counseling journey. While some practices focus differently on marriage counseling than couples therapy, we see them as two sides to the same coin, interchangeable, and the same process regardless of what you want to label it. 

To help couples begin their healing journey, we have created a guide to marriage counseling or couples therapy to offer a detailed look into common questions and concerns. 

Does Marriage Counseling Really Work?

Call us biased, but we stand by the fact that marriage counseling for all types of relationships, no matter the label, works to put those relationships in a better position than when they walked through the door. At Well Marriage Center, we believe two major factors can significantly impact the outcome of the counseling sessions. 

  • The Right Time: It can be hard to decipher when the right time for therapy is. But, the longer you wait to get the proper help, the more strained current problems can become. If both parties are questioning whether now is the right time, it probably is. 
  • The Why: The motivation or “why” for seeking marriage counseling can affect the outcome tremendously. Both parties must be willing to work together to make a positive change in their relationship. When a relationship is not in the best place, it helps the entire process run smoothly if everyone can look at the relationship through an honest lens.

If you are still skeptical and wonder, “what percentage of couples who go to therapy stay together?data supports our efforts. It is reported that couples counseling using emotionally-focused therapy (one of our focus areas) is roughly 75% effective. 

How Do I Find a Good Marriage Counselor Near Me?

Once a couple decides that what they want is to bring that compassion and love back to each other, they need to find the right counselor for their needs. When a couple doesn’t start with a therapist who specializes in couples therapy, there is typically some trial and error until they can find the right fit. If you have to jump from counselor to counselor, then it will be hard to make any progress in the relationship. This is not a problem for us, as our retention rates are a leader in the couples specialty field. Remember, never feel pressured to stay with a counselor that is not providing the help you need. It is important to acknowledge that these interactions are a two-way street, and you should be asking marriage counseling questions (similar to what they ask you) to ensure that your potential therapist will be a good fit. 

  • How many couples do you see a week? Are relationships your specialty?
  • How do you define success?
  • Is your primary background and training in marriage/couples counseling?

These questions will help narrow your search to potential candidates that align with you and your partner’s needs. With that being said, you won’t have to worry about this major concern of how you find a good marriage counselor because we’ve done all that leg work for you! Not every therapist you see will have tested experience in the field of marriage counseling, and that is a recipe for disaster. 

In the last decade of over 1,000+ applicants, we have hired only 40 experienced counselors to help with any relationship. Each specializes in relationship dynamics and has worked with communication problems, affairs, trauma, addiction, etc. When you work with us, you get the best of the best. 

Once you find a practice you feel is the best fit, you can begin the initial conversations. When you first contact a marriage counseling practice, they will ask you to fill out an intake form. These are basic questions like your names, what you are looking for with therapy, and if you want in-person or online marriage counseling. We believe that every aspect of this journey deserves a personal and professional touch, which is why all of our intake processes are handled by our lovely intake coordinator, Melinda. 

Rediscover the Love That’s Always Been There with Well Marriage Center

The pressure for relationships to succeed can make individuals/couples feel isolated and hopeless. At Well Marriage Center, we believe reaching out to mend a relationship is the start of a beautiful new beginning for any couple. When a relationship hits a rough patch, it’s an opportunity to grow and learn together, not a signal of the end. 

The work doesn’t end when we part ways. All of our therapists specialize in relationship sciences and support to engage you in actions that you can carry out beyond our offices. 

When you are ready to start the process of regaining wellness in your marriage, feel free to fill out our intake form. If you have any questions before you get connected with Melinda, explore our FAQ page.