Tamara, Fairfax

"I really appreciated Kelly's patience and her experience with military spouses. She helped us through a dark time and we are very greatful for what she did for our family."

Miguel, Fairfax

"I'm glad I reached out to Well Marriage Center. It helped us to break old habits and cycles of fighting, gave us the words we needed to be able to talk about our issues, and we feel closer again." 

Brock, Fairfax

"Kelly was a wonderful and patient therapist who helped us learn to open up again. I would recommend her to anyone." 

Phil, Fairfax

"We were in denial for a long time about our problems, but when we realized we needed help, I'm glad we reached out and took the first steps."

Kate, Alexandria

"Working with Howard was very helpful. He was able to help us get to the root of our issues and we never felt judged."

Deanna, Alexandria

"Howard was a wonderful therapist and our family thanks him."

Loraine W., Wilmington NC

"Working with Chae was a life-saver for us... He has a no-nonsense approach to couples' issues and he was able to pinpoint our difficulties quickly. We deeply value his guidance and experience."

Julia G, Wilmington

He has a way of explaining ideas that just make them click. He's really helped me shift my perspective on life and relationships - I highly recommend!

Al D, Wilmington

"Chae Kwak has done a wonderful effort for us. His abilities and experience were quickly evident. He's very personable, intelligent, skillful & even funny at times. Happy to recommend him."

Michael, Fairfax

"With her help, we were able to work on some intimacy and trust issues. We never felt pressured and eventually I learned to open up."