Jim, DC

"I think Yasir is a very skilled and insightful therapist for couples. He was certainly invested in our relationship and I'm not sure where we'd be now without his help. Thank you, Yasir!"

Aubry, Bethesda MD

"Yasir helped us understand the root causes of my frustrations, and helped my husband understand why he was so reluctant to communicate. The strategies and skills we learned with Yasir have been..."

Amir, DC

"Yasir was a fantastic therapist for us. He was warm, knowledgeable, and he cared about our situation. He had many tools and skills for each of our issues..."

Therese, Short Pump VA

"...I can't express how grateful I am to Victoria. She cared about our progress, and never let us leave feeling like we hadn't acomplished something positive."

Cary, Short Pump VA

"I used to think therapy was just talking about your feelings, but Victoria helped me see it's so much more. There's a plan. There's science. She really helped save my marriage and my mental health."

Harry, Short Pump VA

"Victoria was such a tremendous help. She was kind, patient, and really helped us get to the bottom of some deep things. I'm able to express myself in much healthier ways and our interactions feel..."

Nicki, Fairfax VA

"...Her experience with trauma, sexuality, and infidelity really made a difference in my life and in my relationship."

Connor, Fairfax VA

"My wife and I worked with Valerie for two years and it was the best investment. We got to the bottom of things, found solutions, and are in a much better place now. I recommend her and..."

Hannah, Fairfax VA

"Valerie is the best therapist. She was patient but firm as we worked through our issues and our pasts. I knew our attachments and development affected..."

Brittany, Cary NC

"...She sets a pace for us that is productive and powerful, and I feel like session by session we're growing and understanding ourselves and our relationship better."