What are your fees?

We try to make sure our fees are competitive with what other specialists in our communities are offering. Because we are now in 19 different locations, each office location lists their own fee ranges on their Locations page. Wilmington, NC charges a different amount than Los Angeles, CA or Washington, DC. Fees can range from $155 to $250 per counseling hour depending on location.

You can expect to spend around $575 a month over the course of 6 months for 20 personalized, focused, and active relationship sessions with one of our licensed, professional couples specialists. (DC and LA are slightly more).

Not everyone does 20 sessions…some couples do 8 or 12 or 5. This is a pay-as-you-go process. There is no arm twisting. Our services have to be beneficial for your relationship or you can stop anytime. For many couples, 12-20 is the sweet spot. Some couples find this space so helpful they keep stopping by once a month or once a quarter for checkups. It’s all about what your relationship needs and what you both want.

Almost overwhelmingly, couples who invest in their “well marriage” come away from the process with new and improved skills, deeper understanding and connection, and a closer and more intimate bond than they may have ever had before.


If around $575 a month for a certain period of months sounds financially challenging, you may want to consider 2 options that are very easy and may allow you to get some money back.

1) Out-of-Network Providers

While we are not in-network providers with any insurance companies, because we are fully licensed and credentialed therapists, private health insurance companies WILL consider us “out-of-network” therapists. This allows our clients to get reimbursed directly from their health insurance providers under their out-of-network benefits plan. Every plan is different, so you’ll want to download the free (no email required) PDF  at the end of this section that helps walk you through the call to your insurance provider to discover if you have out-of-network benefits and how much you can expect to get back.

Most of our clients with reasonable health insurance plans get between 20% – 80% of their costs paid back to them in a check sent directly to your house from your insurance provider.

It may sound too good to be true, but it is true…and we make the process of submitting statements to your health insurance provider completely streamlined and simple from our end.

Insurance Reimbursement Guide (FREE PDF)

2) Health Savings Accounts (HSA cards)

For those clients with private health insurance but high out-of-network deductibles, we recommend using your Health Savings Account (HSA) for our services. Again, because we are fully licensed and credentialed, you can use your HSA card for our services, saving you whatever your marginal tax rate is.

The math here is easy. If your marginal rate is 22% or 24%, then your saving that much on our services. $575 a month becomes $450 a month with this common tax deduction option. No paperwork required – just use your HSA Visa or Mastercard.


Each of our Locations have different fee ranges depending on the area dynamics. Please visit the specific office location page you are interested in and scroll down to find the “Fee Range” section.