Heidi Lindorf, MFT-R

Phone: (571) 418-8137

Locations: Fairfax, VA

Available Wednesdays only

Heidi Lindorf is a Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her experience includes over 5 years of clinical work, 19 years of marriage, being a mother to four children, and being a foster parent. Heidi is also a member of the Well Marriage Center clinical development team. She is specializing in helping couples survive infidelity, the marriage “lull”, and couples who are constantly fighting and struggling to communicate.

Meet Heidi Lindorf:
“We live in a time when we expect more from our marital partners than ever before. These raised expectations often put pressure on our relational bonds causing our connection with one another to begin to fray. Couples counseling can help! I’m constantly telling my couples “a satisfying relationship is worth the time and effort.” My style is active and engaged. I’m working to help you both uncover more self awareness about your own role in your relationship as well as discover ways of healing and strengthening your connection. In the midst of this deep attachment work is where couples rediscover their best friend, partner in parenting, and an intimate companion for the journey. That’s my hope for you and your relationship.”