Holly Willard, LCSW

Phone: (323) 347-4630

Locations: Fairfax, VA

Available evenings & Sunday only

Holly Willard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with almost 15 years of experience serving couples, families, and individuals. Holly has studied various clinical approaches in couples counseling which allows her to tailor her approach to best fit what your relationship needs most. She works with all couples and relationships including couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time”, and couples who have lost that “spark” for each other.

Meet Holly Willard:
“We all bring idealistic expectations into our marriages, shaped by our unique life experiences and beliefs about what makes a happy and successful relationship. Then reality hits…and sometimes it hits hard. Stress, trauma, kids, or just plain old boring busyness – anything can begin to erode our connection and cause us to drift apart. That’s typically when our defenses go up. But there is still incredible hope for your relationship! On the other side of those defenses, of that conflict or trauma, is still the person you fell in love with. I’ve learned and seen countless times as a couples specialist that if commitment is there between two people, it’s almost never too late to steer the relationship back into a positive, connected, and fulfilling direction. My approach with couples is strengths-based and attachment-focused. I’m directive in my feedback, always working to gently guide you out of fear, blame, and angry accusations into trust, empathy, and loving friendship. We are often broken in our primary relationships, yet it is in relationship that we heal. This is my hope for you and your marriage. It’s an incredible privilege to be a part of the healing, rekindling, and deeply intimate work couples accomplish together.”