Kelly Walker, MFT-R

Phone: (571) 418-7104

Locations: Fairfax, VA

Available Tuesdays & Thursdays only

Kelly Walker is a Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Her experience includes clinical work, teaching at the collegiate level, 21 years of marriage, being a mother to four children, and going through a major medical diagnosis/treatment and experiencing how that can affect a family. Kelly is also a member of the Well Marriage Center clinical development team. She is specializing in helping couples survive infidelity, couples who have lost their loving feelings, and couples who are constantly fighting and struggling to communicate.

Meet Kelly Walker:

Every marriage has its ups-and-downs and often the lows can leave us feeling disconnected and alone. Couples start to wonder: ‘Is this normal? Should we feel like this? What should we do?’ I believe it takes courage and hope to reach out for counseling – and both of those characteristics will aid in improving or healing your relationship. I’ve seen couples overcome even the deepest attachment injuries and rediscover what it’s like to feel connected and fulfilled, supported and needed. As you can see, my philosophy is hope. Clients appreciate my curiosity and creativity. I excel in following people as they share their stories, with the ability to understand the thoughts and feelings you experience and how they are tied to your current situation. I work to carefully make connections that help you discover fresh insights and innovative solutions for your relationship. Always remember, you once felt enough love to get married. Changes may happen slowly, and take sacrifice, but with work and willingness to change, your relationship can emerge stronger than it was before!