Marissa Josiah, LCPC

Phone: (240) 630-4099

Locations: Bethesda, MD | Columbia, MD | Alexandria, VA

Marissa Josiah is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with over 15 years of experience serving couples and families. She has studied researched-backed models in the couples therapy field (Gottman, Imago, etc) and has advanced experience treating trauma. Marissa specializes in helping couples who are fighting all the time, have experienced infidelity, past or on-going trauma, and couples who have lost that “spark” for each other.

Meet Marissa Josiah:
“Couples often start to feel their marital tension in a different way as their level of emotional disconnection gets wider and wider. Sometimes it’s simple fights about finances that seem more contemptuous or it can be something shocking like the revelation of an affair. For over 15 years I’ve been helping couples and families find their way back to each other and heal their relationships. My approach is an eclectic combination of some of the best research in the couples therapy field combined with advanced study and experience with trauma and emotional connection. I walk couples through safe ways to emotionally uncover and cleanse past and ongoing resentments. I help couples rewrite their story by discovering meaning and strength you may not have been aware existed. I believe marriage is a crucible for personal growth and self-development and my hope for you is a lasting, intimate, and thriving partnership. I became a therapist because I had the desire to help couples walk this path.”