Sharon Hamilton, LPC

Phone: (703) 687-6063

Locations: Reston, VA | Leesburg, VA

Sharon Hamilton is a Licensed Professional Counselor with 15 years of experience serving couples and families. Sharon has studied various clinical approaches in marriage counseling and has extensive training in multi-cultural counseling, recovery issues, survivors of abuse, anxiety and depression. She works with all couples and relationships including couples who have experienced an affair, couples who are “fighting all the time”, and couples who have lost that “spark” for each other.

Meet Sharon Hamilton:
“While we’re often told marriage requires work and attention we’re rarely shown how to do it or exactly what that means. This is why I’m often very hopeful for the couples I work with because how you got to your particular point of struggle or conflict is often a path many other couples have found themselves traveling down. Great marriage counseling helps couples get back on track. I’m an active and directive therapist. I work to help you reframe and reconsider how you may be looking at or interpreting different dynamics/conflicts that you’re stuck in. I want you to better understand the problems you face and discover unique solutions that work for you. I use a lot of analogies (sometimes silly or strange ones) and I don’t take myself too seriously which often brings some appropriate laughter into the room. Couples report they leave most sessions feeling a bit more understood and a bit more hopeful. And that hope starts early. Couples start getting better the second they decide to work on their marriage in counseling. The decision you’re making is a sign of willingness to show up and that means more then you can know at this particular moment. There is a unique intimacy in marriage that has no parallel and it’s an honor to be part of helping you two rediscover and re-imagine it together.”