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Welcome to Well Marriage Center!  We understand it can be intimidating to consider couples counseling when your relationship runs into difficulty.  Plenty of questions run through people’s minds: “Will this help?” “How long does it last?” “How much money will this cost us?” “What if the counselor doesn’t think we can be helped?”

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It takes a lot of courage to ask for help.  Our commitment to you is to provide a safe, “marriage-friendly” approach that supports the probability that you can save and improve your relationship.  We want that for you and we believe you can make it happen!  For over 25 years we’ve sat with couples just like you, couples who have run into minor bumps or significant potholes, couples who wondered if their relationship could even be saved.  The great news is this: countless couples have echoed almost the identical statement, “several months ago I never would have imagined our relationship could be this good again.”

Well Marriage Center specializes in couples and marriage counseling in Northern VA. We utilize a combination of therapeutic and wellness (strengths-based) models, we study the latest research, we engage with the leaders in our field, and we work exclusively with relationships or relationship dynamics.  Trust your relationship to a couple’s specialist!

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We provide couples / marriage counseling Northern VA

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glen, I tried to post a review on Google but it gave me some problems.  I’ll keep trying, but in the meantime, I thought I would try to put something here on one of your blogs.  Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for the work you do.  My wife and I feel so incredibly fortunate that we picked you to help us.  Best of luck to you and Well Marriage Center as you help other couples.  

  • Samantha

    Commented on another blog post but wanted to echo Don1201. My husband and I saw two prior counselors before Well Marriage Center. We absolutely noticed and felt the difference. Very kind and very, very good at what she did. Best news for us: we feel better in our marriage!