Sara, Fairfax VA

"Alex Honigman is an incredible, insightful counselor. With his guidance, I'm able to approach my life and my relationships with an understanding that I hadn't even known I was missing...

Mary, Alexandria VA

"We've been able to have frank discussions when we come to counseling and it has vastly helped us improve the small areas of our marriage and address problems that may turn to larger issues..."

Gordon, Anandale VA

"My wife and I have been going here for over a year and have seen tremendous healing in our marriage as a result. We have looked at all aspects of our relationship & confronted things that were...

Patty C., Fairfax VA

We've had a lot of "I never thought about it like that" moments. Alex is excellent at speaking with male partners who may be reluctant to start therapy. Alex creates a safe space to be honest