Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling in Columbia, MD

There’s no doubt that Columbia is a beautiful city and a wonderful place for thriving relationships. Statistically, only 2.4% of marriages here end in divorce, and we’d like to think modern therapeutic advances have contributed to these numbers! Couples therapy has evolved well beyond only helping struggling relationships – and Well Marriage Center is helping to lead the way!

Our modern, strengths-based approach helps couples fix and work through communication issues, intimacy & sex concerns, past relationship traumas, attachment issues, conflict cycles, family dynamics, life changes, and so much more. In addition to these more traditional therapies, we also help couples grow as a team and help individuals have better relationships with themselves.

Affordable Couples Therapy Near You

All Columbia couples seeking to enhance their relationships can find solace and support with us at Well Marriage Center. We offer a variety of evidence-based couples therapy approaches, including the Gottman model of therapy, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the developmental model, and others. As the nation’s largest couples’ specialty center, we’re backed by over 40 years of clinical experience.

Our team of compassionate and experienced therapists have dedicated their careers to helping couples and individuals have happier and more fulfilling relationships, whether you’re seeking premarital therapy, divorce adjustment, or wanting to improve your current relationship.

We provide effective, affordable sessions, ensuring that couples in the area have a nurturing space to rebuild and reinforce their bond. Within the first few sessions, you’ll have the tools, support, and resources you need to improve things at home. Additionally, many couples find their fees with us are reimbursable through insurance, and we work hard to keep our rates competitive locally.

You can check out our FAQ page, read more about us, and click here to get started today. Our friendly therapists and intake team are ready to support you and your relationship goals.