We’ve been listening to our Well Marriage Center couples who want more options than just marriage counseling. We’ve asked what type of marital wellness programs would be most helpful and practical.  The answer has been clear: COMMUNICATION! And you don’t just want to learn about communication, you want to get into it with each other…at a deeper level than just listening to someone lecture about communication styles.


We’re excited to launch our Communication 101 Coaching program! This marital wellness program draws from the incredible success of our Communication 101 Class…except it will be a hands-on coaching consultation with just you (and your partner) and a Well Marriage Center specialist.

At the heart of communication is connection. That’s ideally what we want you to take from this coaching consultation: a deeper and more intimate connection and understanding of your partner. 

Communication 101 Coaching consultations will be hosted by our communication specialist Mary Baker, LPC. Mary designed and hosts our Communication 101 Class and is the person we turn to for communication strategies, approaches, and insight.

Communication 101 Coaching consultations will be tailored to your exact relationship. We use your own struggles and strengths. We watch video clips, role-play scenarios (good and bad), learn and practice skills, and become aware of our own communication strengths and growing edges. We laugh, we grow…together!

This couples wellness program is appropriate for most relationships. Contact us today for more information and to set up your consultation.

Event Details

This is a limited program that is offered on a limited basis depending on the current demand for couples therapy services.

$500 per couple
2 hour duration
Fairfax location ONLY
Designed as a one-time consultation – additional consultations at Mary’s discretion
Facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselor who works exclusively with couples