We believe you can get better

We have helped thousands of individuals explore personal or relationship issues, find healing for unresolved hurts and pains, develop more self-awareness, learn new tools to soothe and comfort self, further define self, improve empathy skills, etc.  Most everyone can benefit from this type of self-exploration.  We also do individual counseling for anxiety, depression, divorce adjustment and a host of other personal challenges.

It is not unusual to meet individually with one partner to do relationship counseling.  One person’s change can often bring about change in the other.  This is especially true when a particular spouse is unwilling to do relationship counseling.

Most importantly, we believe you can get better.  Clients often times borrow that belief from us for a season in dark situations where hope has been lost.  In our crises we often lose confidence and belief in ourselves.  Therapy is a great place to borrow that for awhile and work to regain it.