Individual Partner Counseling

We have helped thousands of individuals explore personal or relationship issues, find healing for unresolved hurts and pains, develop more self-awareness, learn new tools to soothe and comfort self, further define self, improve empathy skills, etc.  Most everyone can benefit from this type of self-exploration. You do not have to be in a relationship to get support from our relationship therapists.

What if my partner won’t join me for couples therapy?

There are also times when one partner in a relationship reaches a point where they know marriage counseling is needed for their relationship to survive. They ask and invite, but for various reasons their partner is reluctant or flat-out refuses to join them.

There is still hope! It’s not uncommon for one person to contact us for “individual partner counseling” with the hope their partner will join them at some point in the process. Our approach is to work with who we have! We’ll still consider the “relationship” our client and will work for the good of your relationship. We’ll help you explore what is happening in your relationship and ways you can bring about change and break cycles even without your partner participating. One person’s change can often “intrigue” the other. While we can never guarantee a reluctant partner will eventually join, we have seen numerous examples of a reluctant partner seeing the efforts of their partner, being intrigued about what they are doing, and eventually agreeing to come in and “do their part.”