There are times when something happens that throws both partners and the relationship into a state of crisis. This can be the revelation of infidelity, the announcement that one partner is leaving the marriage, or some other painful event. We’ve used the analogy of “where there was smoke for awhile the house has now completely burst into flames and you need the fire department immediately” or “the wound is so profound that the relationship needs to be rushed to the emergency room.”

Our Intensive Relationship Retreat is only offered after a consult with Dr. Paul Birch, LMFT. It’s designed for just the two of you and Dr. Paul and it takes place in Fairfax, VA. It includes over 12 hours of crisis therapy.

We think of this retreat in 2 phases:

Phase 1 – We work to address the crisis. This is intensive/crisis therapy and before any decisions can be made or healing can happen we have to stop the bleeding.

Phase 2 – We work to help begin the healing process and give you skills and insight into how you can move forward.

This program is offered for $6,000.

Please click on the Get Started button and when you talk with our Intake Coordinator please let her know you’d like to do a free consult with Dr. Paul Birch, LMFT to learn more about intensives.