“I wish we could have been doing this from the beginning”

Our team has hundreds of combined years helping thousands of couples who have found themselves in a relationship crisis or challenge.  What we’ve realized is most often these challenges occur because the couple drifted away from each other.  They had stopped caring for each other and their relationship.  It can be hard to recapture the essence of who you are together when you drift too far apart.

And that’s the cultural dilemma all couples face: marriages are prone to drift.  It’s so easy to do, sometimes without us even realizing.  So, how do we prevent this?  What can we do to avoid the high percentages of marriages that fail?  How can we get the most out of the relationship that is primary in our lives?

Several years ago we began to promote the vision of “wellness programs” for couples.  The idea behind this is simple: if we can help couples identify and build on the strengths of their relationship, we can help couples create a relationship that will remain healthy and thriving for life!  We can help couples adopt a relationship rhythm that allows them to experience their marriage as they never thought possible.

But here’s the difference: this is not just educational.  Couples who we talked with did the seminars, they did the retreats, they did the classes. Education is great, but what we all benefit from is help really putting it into practice.  Here is where our wellness programs start.

For example, here’s a simple idea.  What if you committed to meet with a trained marriage coach every 6 months?  During this hour conversation you discuss the previous 6 months of marriage, the strengths of your relationship, the loving behaviors you expressed and received, and looked ahead to the next 6 months of your marriage and what strengths you wanted to build on.  Then 6 months later you sit down again.  How has your relationship grown?   What challenges has it faced?  What do you want to be paying attention to the next 6 months?

This simple idea has transformed marriages.  Even couples who identified themselves as “happily married” rave about what this has done for their relationship and their romance.  Imagine how this could transform the marriages in our communities.  Imagine how difficult it would be to let your relationship drift if you were committed to this process.

This is the “Marriage Wellness” dream we have for the future.  Click on the links at the very top of the page to ask us a question about these programs or to schedule an appointment.  You and your partner can build a marriage that can grow and thrive more than you ever thought possible.  You can do it together…forever!