Coronavirus Update

Dear current (and future) clients:

Well Marriage Center has thoughtfully considered options for how to best serve our clients and communities during the unprecedented events we are witnessing within our country and around the world due to the coronavirus outbreak. We will be transitioning all services to virtual sessions for a temporary period. Going virtual is a difficult decision that impacts both you, our clients, and our staff. However, based on the data provided by government officials and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s become clear: increasing physical distance is the right decision for our greater good.

We’re grateful that virtual sessions (called telehealth) are easy and safe for our specific industry. When most couples do a telehealth session from the comfort of their own home, they end up appreciating it and adding it to their options for support. Please note the following:

  • This is a temporary move to protect the health of our clients and therapists and community. We will reassess when more data is known.
  • Telehealth is very easy! Even if technology is not your strong suit we’ll be able to get you connected in a flash. 
  • Most couples who do telehealth enjoy it. 
  • As everything shuts down around us and as people practice social distancing, it’s even more important to get support for your relationship and your well-being.

We believe telehealth will accomplish all of this while keeping our clients, our therapists, and our communities as safe as possible. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of care during this very stressful time. Thank you for your understanding.


Well Marriage Center

Happy New Year (Hope)

Just twelve days ago we posted about the end of the world…and the apocalypse indicators of our marriages.  It was a longer posting than we normally write (just in case the world did end).  We’ll keep it shorter this time.  We know the Holidays can be rough when your marriage or relationship is in distress.  We’re here to help.  The New Year is upon us, a time most noted for being able to start fresh or begin anew.  Sometimes our relationships need just that.  If your “hope” for your relationship in this new year is healing old wounds, renewing your friendship, growing your intimacy, stopping the fighting and bickering, and/or deepening your connection with each other – we hope you’ll give us a call and schedule an appointment.  We’re incredibly grateful for the hundreds of couples who sought our help during the 2012 year and look forward to walking with and assisting even more couples this coming year!

Welcome Mary Baker!

“I was next door to Mary her first night at the office and I heard laughter coming through the wall.  I think we hired the right person!”

For a young company and small business it’s always a bit unsettling to go through a hiring process.  Will good counselors apply?  Will we find the right person who fits our style, approach, and philosophy?

After 75+ applications from very qualified candidates, we’re thrilled to welcome Mary Baker, LPC to our Fairfax location!  Mary brings 10+ years of experience (what we preferred) providing outstanding therapy to couples and individuals.  She’s trained in Relationship Enhancement Therapy for Families and Couples, as well as Parenting Skills Training.  She even studied personally under Louise Guerney, renowned family therapist.  Mary adds a knowledgeable and strong couple’s specialty to Well Marriage Center, LLC.

Mary fits perfectly our “marriage-friendly,” strengths-based, positive approach and philosophy.  To read more about her, please click here: Mary Baker, LPC

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