Happy New Year (Hope)

Just twelve days ago we posted about the end of the world…and the apocalypse indicators of our marriages.  It was a longer posting than we normally write (just in case the world did end).  We’ll keep it shorter this time.  We know the Holidays can be rough when your marriage or relationship is in distress.  We’re here to help.  The New Year is upon us, a time most noted for being able to start fresh or begin anew.  Sometimes our relationships need just that.  If your “hope” for your relationship in this new year is healing old wounds, renewing your friendship, growing your intimacy, stopping the fighting and bickering, and/or deepening your connection with each other – we hope you’ll give us a call and schedule an appointment.  We’re incredibly grateful for the hundreds of couples who sought our help during the 2012 year and look forward to walking with and assisting even more couples this coming year!