Dr. Erika Geisler, Psy.D.

Phone: (910) 216-3059

Locations: Wilmington, NC

Dr. Erika Geisler is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who specializes in couples counseling and marriage wellness.  Dr. Geisler has her doctorate in Clinical Psychology along with 15+ years of experience helping couples succeed.  Her training and experience allow her to tailor her approach to best fit what your relationship needs most.  She specializes in working with couples who have lost their ‘spark,’ couples who are fighting all the time, communication issues, affairs, and couples experiencing parenting stress.

There is a rhythm to our most intimate relationships: we fall in love, we struggle, we breakdown, we rebuild, we strengthen, we grow, we love, we thrive. Often the struggle, sadly, is that life happens and we neglect, ignore, and sometimes betray our marriage because it becomes one more thing to do, to care for, to deal with.  But there is tremendous hope for couples who chose to hang in there together, to face their struggle and breakdown, and to do the work that is needed for the good of their relationship.  You’ll find my style to be positive, strengths-based, honest, insightful, and outgoing.  I know marriage is not a one-size-fits all relationship.  I work with your strengths as a couple and what works best for you.  Marriage challenges us in the right ways.  It makes us a stronger and better person and partner.  And that is my hope for you, that as you move through the struggle together you find renewed friendship, a safe confidant, a rekindled playmate, someone to always have your back, someone to share life’s journey with.